During your stay in Pelion, you can go down some of the canyons in Pelion and you will understand that they stand out from the rest of the canyons in three points. They stand out due to their vegetation, the beautiful beaches to which each of them flows into the sea and, of course, due to the Centaurs’ legend, which are hidden in them. The combination of the canyoning as well as the swimming in the sea is rare!

The most admirable routes for canyoning are 5 and particularly at Tsagarada, Xourihti and Lambinou. The canyons are those in Mylopotamos, Fakistra, Damouhari, Limniona and Lambimou. All the canyons end up in beautiful beaches. The Centaurs’ canyons regarding the geomythology of the region, is a challenge. The marvellous view of the Aegean during the descent in the canyons, the beautiful nature and the enchanting beaches will charm and satisfy you. The beautiful beaches at the eastern Pelion used to be the destination of the mythical Centaurs where they arrived after crossing these canyons! The legend by itself appeals to every visitor while feeling the awe as well as the grandeur of the nature. The combination of the charming beaches, the natural beauty of Pelion and the organized descent in the canyons by the distinguished leaders and their fellow workers consist a challenge.


To go down all these canyons during your stay in Pelion, you do not have to be experienced in the techniques of canyoning. The participants should be in good shape as well as they should like exercising and, of course, living in nature. In order for them to take part in these activities, they should have a life insurance in the country they come from. In Greece, there is no such insurance. If a participant has a health problem, he or she should inform us.


During the activity, the participants should have with them a small bag, a towel, a windbreaker, a hat, sunglasses and a bottle of water. Moreover, they should wear a pair of light hiking pants, a swimming costume and a pair of hiking shoes.


Canyon in Mylopotamos

Hiking duration: 20’
Canyon descent duration: 5h
Total of the waterfalls: 12
Height of the biggest waterfall: 17 meters

Canyon in Fakistra

Hiking duration: 15’
Canyon descent duration: 3h
Total of the waterfalls: 16
Height of the biggest waterfall: 20 meters

Canyon in Damouhari

Hiking duration: 25’
Canyon descent duration: 3h
Total of the waterfalls: 7
Height of the biggest waterfall: 15 meters

Canyon in Limniona

Hiking duration: 10’
Canyon descent duration: 2h
Total of the waterfalls: 6
Height of the biggest waterfall: 11 meters

Canyon in Lambinou

Hiking duration: 20’
Canyon descent duration: 3h
Total of the waterfalls: 7
Height of the biggest waterfall: 9 meters


08:00 departure from the hostel
08:40 arrival at the entrance of the canyon and preparation for the descent
09:00 descent in the canyon
13:00 exit from the canyon and swimming in the sea
14:00 a small meal provided by the organization

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