During this day tour we will visit the birthplace of the culture, the center of the world.

We depart from Volos, stopping for half an hour to get a coffee. After that we will visitDelphi’s Oracle (1hour and a half) and the archeological museum (1 hour). Delphi’s oracle is thought to be the center of the world because, according to tradition, when Zeus set two eagles free, one towards the East and one towards the West, they met each other at Delphi. It was dedicated to Apollo. Pythia was the means by whom god gave the oracles, which were written down. The collections which consist ancient objects which were discovered at the archeological site of the Delphi’s Oracle and mainly the dedications to god. One of the most important and known exhibits of the museum is the Charioteer. We will have free time to eat at a traditional restaurant of the region. We arrive, after a short stop for coffee, at Volos.

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    Dion – Vergina

    The birthplace of the Macedonian state.


    A place of unique beauty and religious interest.


    The mountainous and coastal nature at its best.