This route is a travel through time and culture.

We depart at 10:00 to visit the Neolithic settlement in Sesclo, which was developed on the hill “Kastraki” and at the around area. It was inhabited from the 7th till the 4rth millenium b.c..

Above “Kastraki” we can find foundations by stone which are small with narrow streets which form at a few points squares. The findings from the excavations made Sesclo’s settlement one of the greatest settlements in Greece as well as Europe. Then we can visit the archeological site of Dimini. The site it fully presents the image of the Neolithic settlement until today. Next stop will be the archeological museum of Volos. We will tour in the museum and we will see the exhibits from the excavations at the region of Thessaly. We will see the unique finding of an 8 year old who was buried with her doll and other personal things 2500 years ago. The tour in the city of Volos is completed with the tour at the shops where we can visit the Metropolitan Temple of Agios Nikolaos, Ermou precinct, the university that is located next to the sea and we will reach the landmark of the city Argo, which is known from the Argonautica which departed from the port of ancient Iolkos.

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    Athens – Acropolis Museum

    The birthplace of the culture, which inspired the international culture.


    An archaeological site and a modern town on the south-western spur of Mount Parnassus.

    Dion – Vergina

    The birthplace of the Macedonian state.