Enjoy and let off steam with our unique programs aerobic, specifically adapted for each need and your requirement. Try a step more near health.


Know the completed method of exercise giving accent to the intensification of your muscular system. The aim is to build the muscular tone and the elasticity of body.


Feel your body strengthening, your mind calming down and you are led to a more harmonious and balanced situation of existence. Be connected to your heart and discover your real nature.

Traditional dances

Get lost in the Greek culture knowing its traditions through its songs and dances. Turn back the time and have fun with the various dancing programs and musical hearings from the all regions of Greece.

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    Participate in athletic activities such as paintball as well as 5X5.


    Enjoy the harmony of the snowy landscapes by slipping down the snowed cliffs of the mythical Mount Pelion.

    Scuba Diving

    The underwater richness of the Magnesia promises unique experiences to all certified divers who are willing to visit our beautiful region.